Artisan Sheep Milk Cheese

Want to make cheese at home? Curious about artisan cheese? Or are you looking for a special outing for your group of friends? 
Choose from our one-day afternoon class, custom group classes at the farm, or classes tailored to your group and location. We generally do not host classes during the summer due to the extremely busy cheesemaking & farmers markets seasons. Our next class will be scheduled in September. Please sign up as a farmfriend for email updates.

Inside Look at Artisan Cheesemaking -- 1 Day Class
Saturday, January 18  1-4pm
Sunday, February 16  1-4pm

Join us at the farm for an afternoon with our Inside Look at Artisan Cheesemaking!
Build your cheesemaking knowledge with a foundation of cheesemaking basics that apply to fresh and aged cheeses. Discover essential techniques in the cheesemake room with a home-scale ricotta make, renneting exercise, and the second-day steps of a fresh cheese makes. Sidestep some common mistakes with pointers from our award-winning cheesemaker. Round off the day with a guided cheese tasting and lively question & answer conversation. And, take home some Shepherd's Way cheeses! (Adults only please!)

Registration online through our store or by email! 

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