Artisan Sheep Milk Cheese

JULY 25, 2013
What an amazingly busy milking season it has been! Every day begins with milking and, with luck, ends with milking. But often work continues long into the evening after the sheep are put back to pasture for the night. Thank you to all for your amazing support at the local farmers markets (Mill City Farmers Market, St. Paul Farmers Market, Minneapolis Farmers Market, and Linden Hills Farmers Market) and those who support us through local co-ops, specialty cheese shops & stores. We are thrilled to be making more cheese and bringing it to you through all of these routes. Thanks especially to the cheesemongers who help us tell our story! (You know who you are!)

We had a fabulous turnout at last week's Eat Local Farm Tour. Once again, our co-ops did a standout job organizing everything. All we had to do is open our doors for visitors! If you missed the Eat Local tour, you'll have another chance to visit the farm later in the season. We try to schedule a fall open house each year and our CSA members are also invited for another CSA members-only event. 

Next week, off to Madison for the American Cheese Society's annual conference. A welcome opportunity to learn more about cheesemaking and all that entails, and most importantly, to visit with cheesemaker colleagues. 

FEBRUARY 25, 2013
We are milking! Finally, after a long haul, we are milking again. Our boys have been fantastic, jumping back into the rhythm they new as young kids. Page and Christopher have joined the crew, a welcome addition -- their enthusiasm and hard work helped enormously. 

On Monday, we made fresh cheese with our fresh sheep milk. The milk was absolutely lovely, rich and creamy.  And it didn't travel far! Only from the sheep to the bulk tank to the cheese vat. A cheesemaker's dream.


FEBRUARY 9, 2013

What a spectacular week. When I woke up Monday morning, our nursery barn had no doors, no heat, no lights, no ventilation, no waterers and no posts for sheep pens.  On Wednesday afternoon, the sheep arrived and were quickly sorted and safely housed in a finished barn thanks to a really Herculean effort by Jodi, the boys, Page, Christopher, Daniel, our friends at Better Air, Franek Electric, Sogn Valley Fencing and especially, Zach. 


And tonight we just finished two days of shearing our entire flock with help from volunteers Aaron, Tom and Nicole.

To help keep the momentum going, I'm really excited to announce that we have reached nearly twenty percent of our goal of 50 new CSA PLUS members!  Thank you, your support can make this happen.


All new CSA members who join in February (and our existing CSA members!) will be invited to join us for Lamb Day -- an afternoon with lambs.


Here is the info:


 CSA-PLUS  $1000

  1. Includes three-year CSA membership Monthly assortment of Shepherd's Way cheeses, totaling 1 1/2 lbs (usually 4-6 pieces) picked up at various Twin Cities and Northfield locations).
  2. PLUS three holiday gift boxes valued at $55+ (one per year)
  3. PLUS name a sheep [you can choose a name for one of the new ewes]
  4. PLUS exclusive invitation to Lamb Day [spend an afternoon at the farm helping care for new lambs -- bottle feeding lambs or just giving them attention]

Join online or email us at Please call if you have questions: 612.306.4210


–Steven Read